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Short CV and Main Interests/Achievements download here ShortFugini CV – with-publ-2015.

Mariagrazia Fugini  received the PhD in Computer Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and since 1995 is a Professor at Politecnico, Department of Information, Electronics and Bioengineering.

Her research interests are in data and system security, information system  development,  services for Public Administrations, Risk and Adaptive Cyber Security and Safety, and Service Co-Production.

Current Activities

She is co-managing the Big Data Analytics – Competitività Cremona, at DEIB (Project of Regione Lombardia, April 2016-April 2018).

She has been co-manging the Attiv@bili Project on “Services for Social Care for Fragile People” (Project of Regione Lombardia,2014-2016).

She has contributed to found the Italian Working Group on Co-Production of services for Public Administrations, with University of Milan.

She has cooperation with private and public organizations on data security, information system design, service based development and engineering; she participates in industrial projects on information system development, data security and Web-based applications.

She is in the Editorial Board of “PeerJ Computer Science”  and of “Int. Journal of Web Engineering and Technology”