Mariagrazia Fugini is involved in various National and International Projects on Information Systems, Employment Services, Security and Energy-Aware ICT platforms.

She participated in, and coordinated EU Projects such as TODOS, ITHACA, F3, WIDE, GAMES, ECO2CLOUDS and TOISE, and currently WorkingAGE (H2020) working on information system development data retrieval, workflows, security, safety, and web applications.

EU Projects 

  • WorkingAGE (Smart Working environments for all Ages) H2020 Project, Feb. 2019-June 2022, Grant 826232 . Project Description.
  • TOISE (Trusted Computing for European Embedded Systems). Completed 2013.
    Project site, Paper
  • ECO2Clouds (Experimental Awareness of CO2 in Federated Cloud Sourcing). Completed  2014.
    Project site
  • GAMES (Green Active Management of Energy in Information Systems) 7th FWP (Seventh Framework Programme) – Project N. 248514. Completed 2012.
    Project Site

National Projects:

  • Seamless, Progetto Area Smart Living, Regione Lombardia (February 2018- August 2019). Scheda Tecnica Progetto.
  • Big Data Analytics, Progetto Competitività Cremona, Regione Lombardia  (April 2016- April 2018). Paper.
  • Attiv@bili (April 2014-December 2015)
  • TEKNE – MIUR FIRB Project, Basic Research (my research: Assessment of Security Risk in SME Information Systems).
    Project site
  • Basilea 2 Initiative (results presented in Open Event @Polimi 2009).
  • Quadrantis – Quality of service, Diagnosis, Reaction, Assessment Techniques in Information Systems,  MIUR PRIN, Basic Research (my research: security in streamline data).
  • Borsa Lavoro Lombardia.
  • Industria 2015 – Sensori. Completed 2014.

Other Projects

  • S-CUBE NoE (Software Services & Systems Network) Call FP7-ICT-2007-1 Project N. 215483. Completed 2012.
    Project Site
  • SEEMP (Single European E-Market Place) EU Project. Completed 2009.
    Project Site;  Project Information in ICEIS ’09 paper: Best Paper Award in the Information Systems Analysis and Specification Area (Link)
  • WS-Diamond (Web Service Diagnosis and Repair) EU Project, Self-Healing Web Services with Diagnosability. Monitoring, and Repair. Completed 2008.
    Project SiteMaterial of WS-Diamond Project: XML BPEL sample Repair Plans; Plan1; Plan2.
  • WING (Watching IST Innovation and Knowledge): Impact Analysis in the domain of Information & Network Security and other Confidence Building Technologies. Completed 2010.

Other (selected) projects:

  • TODOS (ESPRIT No. 25 338 – Automatic Tools for Designing Office Information Systems). Completed 1987.
    Project Site
  • ITHACA (ESPRIT “ITHACA 1-2 – Integrated Toolkit for Highly Advanced Computer Applications”). Completed 1992.
    Project Site
  • F3 (ESPRIT 3, Project No. 6621 F3 – “From Fuzzy to Formal”). Completed  2003.
    Project Site
  • WIDE (“Workflow on Intelligent Distributed database Environment”) ESPRIT 4, Project No. 20280. Completed 2004.
    Project Site
  • DEAFIN (co-funded by the European Commission – RECITE II inter-regional cooperation programme), completed 2005.
    Project Site
  •  CNRAED Project – Sponsor: ASI. From 2004-2005,  responsible with prof. L.Breveglieri of “Feasibility Study of a National Data Centre for the Recepiton, Elaboration and Storage of Space Telemetry Data”, Gavazzi Spazio Italy SpA.
  • Demostene (Security in Public Administrations 2001-2004); Sponsor: CNR.