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Mariagrazia Fugini is Professor of Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.


Her Research Interests are in data and systems security, enterprise information systems,  services for digital Public Administrations, risk and cyber security and safety management, service co-production, and assistive technologies in smart environments. She is broadly interested in the intersection of machine learning techniques, security, safety and ethics,  with a focus on leveraging big data analysis for decision making.

She is involved in national and international Research Projects on Web-based Information Systems, Risk and Adaptive Security in Smart Environments, Safety and Ethics, Platforms for Social Care, for e-Health, for e-Government, for Cultural Heritage, and for Smart Aging.

She has been a Visiting Professor at University of Maryland, University of California-Berkeley, Technical University of Vienna, University of Stuttgart and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

She has continuous cooperation with UPC Barcelona, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, CTI Renato Archer-Brazil, Research Council of Norway, Anna University Chennai- India, UCTL Spain. 



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Teaching 2020-2021:

Information Systems  – for Computer Engineering
Digital Security Management – for Management Engineering


Activities / News / Events

Track Co-Chair W2T 2021, with IEEE WETICE, Bayonne, June 2021.

Track Co-Chair Security Safety and Trust Management,  IEEE WETICE, Bayonne, June 2021Track Conference | Ncsael – Cyber Security (nust.edu.pk)

Associate Editor International Journal of Knowledge Science and Engineering,

Co-Editor Special Issue Information and Software Technology Journal, Software Architectures for Smart and Adaptive Systems“. Full paper submission: March 1st 2021.

PC ICEIS 2021 http://www.iceis.org/

PC KEOD 2021, 13th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Ontology Management, Malta, October, 2021.

Active and Recent Projects

  • H2020-SC1-DTH-2018-1 ”WorkingAge” Project 826232  (Feb. 2019-Feb. 2022).
  • Seamless (SEnsoristica Avanzata e Machine LEarning per il monitoraggio Strutturale) Regione Lombardia “Smart Living”, Feb. 2018-December 2020, working on “Data Analytics” and “Gesture Analysis”. Thesis with Companies still available (check the thesis area).
  • Sistema Innovativo  Big Data Analytics- Progetto Competitività Cremona,  Regione Lombardia “Smart Cities” (April 2016- Sept. 2018),  working on Business Analytics and on Security. Presentation of BigData Project . paper

Thesis and stages are available  in the Projects: Themes for Thesis.



Text Books

SISTEMAS DE INFORMACIÓN EN LA ORGANIZACIÓN, Piràmide (in Spanish), Feb.2018 (M.Fugini, R. Salvador Vallés and P.Maggiolini)

available at: https://www.edicionespiramide.es/libro.php?id=5199089

Fondamenti di Sistemi Informativi
C. Cappiello, M.Fugini, P.Grefen, B.Pernici, P.Plebani, M.Vitali 

available at: https://www.amazon.it/dp/1725122200/ref=sr_1_20?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1536143801&sr=1-20&keywords=cappiello

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