(English) Thesis Proposals

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Thesis/”Tesine”/Stages and PhD Proposals


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A) Information System Security 

  1. Architectures for security in multimedia and adaptive information systems.
  • Adaptive security architectures.
  • Case studies.
  • Role-based access controls.
  • Cyber security: policies and mechanisms in Industry 4.0 environments.
  1.  Security in Public Administration Portals:
  • Federation security and privileges.
  • Case studies.
  • Internationalization of E-Government services: norms, application cases, EU privacy for citizens and enterprises.

B) Risk Management and Safety

  1. Development of decision support systems for run-time safety management
    in Smart Work Environments (SWEs).
  2. Coengineering of safety and security.
  3. Methodology for run-time safety.
  4. Management and ontologies of safety.
  5. Occupational safety / health and welfare of workers in work environments.
  6. Knowledge management for safety management based on MAPE-K
    (Monitor-Analyze-Plan-Execute and Knowledge) loop.