Thesis Proposals

Thesis/”Tesine”/Stages and PhD Proposals

November 2020

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a. Data Analytics and Big Data Processing

IoT data analysis
Human Gestures Recognition
Big Data for Smart Communities
Analytics for Enahancing Quality of Life/Aging
Devices and architectures for Care at Home

b. Data Security

Architectures for security in multimedia and adaptive information systems.

  • Adaptive security architectures.
  • Case studies.
  • Tools for policies management.
  • Security of Big Data and of Data Warehouses.
  • Cyber security: policies and mechanisms in Industry 4.0 environments.

Security in Public Administration Portals

Authentication and access to digital services.
Federated security and privileges.
Case studies.
Internationalization of E-Government: norms, application cases, EU privacy for citizens and enterprises.
Ethics and Security in Social Media (social dilemma)

c. Risk Management and Safety

Decision support systems for run-time safety managementin Smart Work Environments (SWEs).
Coengineering of Safety and Security.
Methodology for run-time safety.
Management and ontologies of safety.
Occupational safety / health and welfare of workers in work environments.
Knowledge management for safety management based on MAPE-K
(Monitor-Analyze-Plan-Execute and Knowledge) loop.